- "It’s brand new! It shouldn’t need polishing!??”


- Introduction to paint correction and swirl removal


- 2 stage machine polish eliminating swirls and light scratches


- Paintwork perfection                


- "GOLD package". Pièce de résistance. The works. The Poodles Plums.

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- Wheel refurbishment, window tinting, vehicle wrapping, dent removal and more...


One Stop Shop.

Working closely alongside our trusted partners, White Details are able to offer a selection of additional services whilst your vehicle is at our premises, promoting the ‘one stop shop’ scenario. Making your life easier when it comes to ‘searching, sourcing and trusting’ numerous automotive companies and trades.

From wheel refurbs and body repairs, paintless dent removal and window tints to vinyl wrapping and diagnostics/coding. We go the extra mile so you don’t have to.


Not only are they Insurance Approved but also White Details approved! As a customer ourselves, the team deliver the standards that we work to and the quality we expect.
If it’s a bumper respray, a whole front-end or an entire car, whilst your vehicle is booked in with White Details, together we are able to cater for all your bodyshop and detailing needs.

Wheel Refurbishment


Dent Removal

“PDR” – Paintless Dent Removal. As the name suggests, the repair is carried out without the need for costly bodyshop treatments or in some cases, complete panel replacement! Our mobile specialist removes small dings by ‘massaging’ the dents out of the damaged area, restoring the panel to as new condition. PDR is most effective for smaller dings or impressions where the paint has not broken (such as parking dings and trolley dents)

Vinyl Wrapping

Making a massive impact on the UK’s automotive industry over the last 2-3 years, vinyl wraps offer great flexibility and aesthetic improvements for a fraction of an otherwise costly respray. That, with the added benefit that it can be safely removed; putting the vehicle back to its original state which won’t affect the resale value (in comparison with custom paint jobs which may limit the prospective audience)

Our technicians provide full colour change wraps as well as part wraps to suit your style and budget. The most popular option being that of the roof & bonnet wrap (which even now some manufacturers are applying these to their production cars). Using only the best materials (including 3M, Avery and Hexis UK (which are installed with a manufacturer guarantee)) with 100’s of possible colours and finishes for you to choose from. Gloss, pearlescent, matte and carbon fibre to name but a few. Once the vinyl is installed, the wrap offers protection to the underlying paintwork against stone chips, light scratches and UV damage.

Window Tints

Reducing UV rays, helping to keep a car cool and aiding in theft prevention and security – just some of the advantages that window tinting offers (not to mention the aesthetical benefits).

Our technicians strive to achieve the highest standards when it comes to installation; a variety of interior trims, panels and door cards are safely removed to allow better access to the glass. Templates are cut and trimmed away from the car on a glass cutting panel to ensure there is no risk of the vehicle’s glass and rubber seals being scratched or damaged. By law, the front windscreen must let at least 75% of light through and the front side windows must let at least 70% of light through. Rear windows from the B-Pillars back have no legal limit so any tint percentage may be used to suit your style.