Volkswagen Polo

Major enhancement detail - interior & engine treatments - gtechniq protection upgrades

Volkswagen Polo - Major Enhancement Detail with Gtechniq CS Black paint protection!

Vehicle received 4 days of pampering to restore it's once former condition. Used daily as a commuter, the owner, an existing customer to White Details who have had the rest of their fleet prepped, decided it was time to give the 105k mile, 8 year old Polo similar treatments!

A multistage machine polish was given to permanently remove paint swirls, light scratches, abrasions and buffertrails from some previous bodyshop action, whilst reviving the gloss, true depth and clarity of the dull, hazy and 'grey' flat-black paintwork.

With the polishing complete, paint protection came courtesy of Gtechniq Crystal Serum, (only available to the Accredited Detailer Network) offering years of scratch and chemical resistance which was topped with EXO for the ultra hydrophobic self-clean effect (Serum + EXO = "CS Black" package)

The wheels were removed and coated inside/out with C5 Wheel Armour, glass sealed with G1 Clear Vision, exterior black plastics with C4 Trim, engine-bay detailed and interior tidied.

A mega transformation on this one and a privilege to help the proud owners restore their one owner from new shopping car!

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