Tesla Model S

new car detail / minor paint correction - gtechniq protection upgrades - extras pack

Tesla Model S - New Car Detail / Minor Paint Correction

Firstly, what an awesome car. A fascinating bit of kit and certainly a sign of the way things are moving forward within the motoring industry.

4 days to prep a new car. "4 days!!? It's brand new?!! Surely it doesn't require that amount of work..?" Unfortunately, you'd be surprised. A quick search through the Tesla forums and it's clear to see that one of their main downfalls at this time is the condition of the paintwork and handover preparation... My customer stating themselves how unimpressed they were on the day of collection!

The fragile flat-black paintwork suffering from paint swirls, random deep scratches, clusters of unfinished sanding marks, over spray and machine buffertrails. An unsightly finish on any car not to mention a box fresh model that had been driven to White Details straight from the supplying Dealership.

With the safe wash and decontamination stage complete, the vehicle was moved inside to be blown dry and prepped ready for paint inspection. Watch the video footage uploaded on YouTube, it’s clear to see the finish was way off that of being a new car!

A multistage machine polish was given with the Rupes S.p.A. Bigfoot polishing systems to fix the defects and jewel the paintwork to a sharp, crisp, deep & glossy lustre. With the paint perfect, Gtechniq protection was applied with associated wheel, trim, glass, fabric and leather protection to help keep the vehicle looking its best and easy to maintain for the owner.

Tesla Model S – YouTube:

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