Porsche Cayman

new car detail - gtechniq protection upgrades

Porsche Cayman - Gtechniq New Car Detail with Crystal Serum paint protection

The flat black paintwork received a single stage machine polish with 3-4 localised corrections required to lift paint swirls, factory induced buffertrails and some abrasions where 'bad contact' had already been made.To highlight how soft the paintwork is, and how easy it is to mark sometimes, check the "paw print" photograph where a cat had obviously been up on the bonnet..!

With the polishing complete, paint protection came courtesy of Gtechniq Crystal Serum, (only available to the Accredited Detailer Network) offering years of scratch and chemical resistance.

The wheels coated with C5 Wheel Armour, glass sealed with G1 Clear Vision and the interior treated to L1 Leather Guard and I1 Smart Fabric.

Flat black can be enough to test even the most experienced Detailer but once complete and sat in the sun, it's hard to beat!

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