Porsche 997 911 GTS

55 hour "White Detail"

Porsche 997 Carrera GTS - Basalt Black

A 55 hour "White Detail" to transform the 911 from a scratched car-wash victim to a flawless showroom beauty...

Receiving a multistage machine polish to permanently remove 90-95% of the paint defects with interior & leather care, an engine detail, dent removal and protection upgrades throughout. The rear "Carrera GTS" boot-lid badge was also removed and replaced to give a truer, better correction.

Paintwork coated with the G-Techniq C1 Crystal Lacquer/EXO combination to give a hardier surface layer which adds an element of resilience against future swirls and wash marring, and the ultra hydrophobic self-clean effect of EXO which makes future maintenance a doddle.