Mini Cooper

paint enhancement - gtechniq protection upgrades

Mini Cooper D - Paint Enhancement Detail with Gtechniq CS Black paint protection

The "Hot Chocolate" Mini revisited 12 months after it's initial New Car Prep, this time, opting for the upgraded signature CS Black paint protection system.

A single stage machine polish was given to lift very light wash marring and swirls, with localised corrections required in a couple of areas where bad contact had been made, whilst stripping all previous protection and preparing the surface for a fresh application.

With the polishing complete, paint protection came courtesy of Gtechniq Crystal Serum, (only available to the Accredited Detailer Network) offering years of scratch and chemical resistance which was topped with EXO for the ultra hydrophobic self-clean effect (Serum + EXO = "CS Black" package)

The wheels were treated to C5 Wheel Armour, exterior glass received a G1 Clear Vision top-up and the plastic trim dressed with C4 Trim Restore.

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