Land Rover Discovery 4

Paint Enhancement Detail

In an attempt to rescue this less than two year old commercial vehicle from a previous life, the new owner booked in with a simple brief. "Do what you can in a day..."

It’s clear to see that the Disco has been well used. The once rich turquoise/kingfisher blue paintwork severely scratched with next to no life and lacking reflections… (brush/automated carwash/hedgerow victim no doubt)

With timescales to adhere to, the lengthy wash and decontamination process was ticked off a day early allowing machine polishing to commence straight away the following day. A single stage machine polishing process was given; digging out the haze, swirls and lighter scratches whilst leaving a crisp, sharp and glossy finish requiring no further refinement.

We’re a long way from being perfect, perhaps 60-65% correction, but from a single days effort (and the 4 hour wash process the day before) it just shows what’s possible from the Paint Enhancement Detail.