Ferrari F430 Spyder

Inspection / Maintenance Detail

An existing customer to White Details picked up their new F430 Spyder in ‘Grigio Silverstone grey’ and wanted us to take a quick look round; highlighting areas of concerns and to advise for future improvements (vehicle is a second hand car with 9000 mile on the clocks)

Having spent £600 for a Swissvax Protection Detail when the 430 was purchased at the Ferrari main dealer, the owner was keen to have the vehicle checked over and have a professional’s opinion, as they themselves, had already spotted a few areas they weren’t happy with.

Sure enough, plenty of room for improvement. Wash marring, swirl marks and light scratches coupled with a few buffertrails from past polishing attempts and chalky polish residues trapped in crevices, badges etc.

The owner hopes to leave the vehicle with us in the near future for a Paint Correction Detail and Protection Upgrades, leaving perfect flawless paintwork and hardy ceramic protection throughout.