BMW M135i

New car detail - gtechniq protection upgrades - extras pack

BMW M135i - New Car Protection Detail with Gtechniq CS Black paint protection

The perfect start in life for this beautiful hot hatch.

The vehicle arrived as hoped, untouched and filthy... Just 80 miles on the clock. Supplying Dealership instructed not to touch the car and to handover literally 'as they found it' off the back of the lorry. This way, eliminating the inevitable risk of having swirls and other paint defects induced during the Pre-Delivery Inspection that can often lead to costly paint correction treatments to rectify.

With the safe wash and decontamination stage complete, the vehicle was taken inside to be blown dry before receiving a nourishing single stage machine polish with the Rupes S.p.A. Bigfoot systems. Further cleansing the paint ready for the application of coatings and to remove one or two slight blemishes found (pictured).

With the polishing complete, paint protection came courtesy of Gtechniq Crystal Serum, (only available to the Accredited Detailer Network) offering years of scratch and chemical resistance which was topped with EXO for the ultra hydrophobic self-clean effect (Serum + EXO = "CS Black" package)

The wheels and brake calipers coated with C5 Wheel Armour + EXO, glass sealed with G1 Clear Vision and the interior treated to L1 Leather Guard and I1 Smart Fabric.

Estoril Blue really sets this car off - have already taken 2 enquiries for identical new car preps in March from the uploads already seen on my Facebook and Instragram feed.

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