Audi TT-S

major paint correction - wheels off - protection upgrades

Audi TT-S - Major Paint Correction + Gtechniq CS Black Paint Protection

The Solar Orange TT received a multistage machine polish to remove surface swirls, scratches, one or two 'grazed' areas and light buffertrails from a previous Detailers' doings...

With a 'wheels off' bolt on, the gloss black faces were given a light machine polish to reduce surface hazing before sealing with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour inside and out.

The boot spoiler was removed to gain better access to the surrounding paintwork enabling correction to remain true throughout.

Paintwork topped with Gtechniq's flagship ceramic coating, Crystal Serum (only available to the Accredited Detailer Network). Offering years of scratch and chemical resistance and topped with EXO for the ultra hydrophobic self-clean effect with G1 Clear Vision applied to the windscreen.

My client brought their daily car to White Details a couple of months ago for similar treatments, and after seeing how easy it now is to maintain, it was only fair that the TT was booked in for the same!

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