Aston Martin DB7

minor / major paint correction detail - gtechniq protection upgrades

Aston Martin DB7 Vantage - Major Paint Correction Detail

The vehicle came to me requiring the "White touch"; not knowing what we may find or how far to take it... Started off as a pretty straight forward 3 day Minor Paint Correction Detail but it soon became clear that more, much more, was needed.

A multistage machine polish was given to chase oodles of DA sanding marks (some factory, some bodyshop), heavy swirls and scratches. A good portion of the car has had paintwork and the bodyshop's finishing wasn't pretty. The edges thick, heavy and dull from a sea of sanding marks with abrasions, buffertrails and overspray. Video footage to follow showing the before and afters.

Carried out over a 4 day period, the vehicle was treated to Gtechniq EXO paint protection for the ultra hydrophobic self-clean effect.

Great to see a future classic like this transformed and saved!

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